FundedbyMe press reports that the Danish crowdfunding platform is partnering with Scandinavia’s largest startup accelerator Accelerace. The first collaboration between Accelerace and FundedByMe is with Accelerace alumni company, Water Surveillance.

The collaboration means funding mechanisms and advice and guidance sources working together. Christian Gabriel, from FundedByMe Denmark says,

“By combining the strength of the Accelerace model with the FundedByMe platform, we can help improve and fund promising startups. Water Surveillance will be the first of many projects and an example of how accelerators and crowdfunding platforms can work together” –Christian Gabriel

Accelerace consultant Christian Hoffmann, agrees that the partnership will help build the startup network in Denmark,

“FundedByMe is the rising star of crowdfunding in Europe. Our goal is to identify new interesting startups to work with and use FundedByMe as a platform for financing the startups we already collaborate with,”

“We go in and help find a better value proposition and together determine a realistic funding,” continued Christian Hoffmann Christian Hoffmann to Trendsonline.

Read more about the first collaboration, Water Surveillance, the Danish startup with an intelligent tracking system for monitoring building and their crowfunding proposal here.