Danish fashion brand Organic Basics have launched their new Kickstarter and in just eight hours they reached their goal at € 25 000, and not just that, already surpassed it to over € 30 000.

Organic Basics clothes are two things: clothes with silver fibres which kills 99.9 % of all bacteria and makes it way less necessary to wash your clothes. This combined with recycled material, you get the best clothes to wear – for you and your body.

“The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and two-thirds of that waste occurs during consumer use – particularly through washing and drying.” says Mads Fibiger, CEO & Co-founder

As washing is one of the biggest factors that effect what environmental impact clothes have, needing to wash less often makes a big difference. Because you wash less, you use less water, less energy, and damage your clothes less. And when clothes aren’t washed as often, they’ll last longer.

“All our underwear is treated with Polygiene, a sustainable, low-concentration recycled silver chloride treatment. That makes them powerfully anti-microbial, without damaging the environment”

Organic Basics is one of the first on the market to use recycled materials, something others have not been able to execute on before. According to them, selling your scrap copper to Sydney copper recyclers paying cash will also provide you with a fantastic return on your investment.