The Danish cabinet was reshuffled today, with three new ministers appointed. One of the new ministers announced was an unusaual name in the political scene: prominent angel investor and serial entrepreneur Tommy Ahlers. He was appointed as minister for Higher Education and Science.

Tommy has been one of the most active tech angels in the region. With a past at Podio and ZYB, he has also been involved in GameAnalytics, Drivr, Astralis, Vivino, Peakon and many more. He has been a vocal angel, and one of the investors that is often in the spotlight. A spokesperson for tech opinions and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

He will take over the role as minister after Søren Pind.

“I wish we could have met under other circumstances. As a citizen and entrepreneur, I have always been wildly impressed with you. You are prepared to discuss ethics and morals and allow it to be ruler of policy. I have the deepest respect for that” said Tommy Ahlers to his predecessor.

Regarding his investments and future investements, he announced at the pressconference that he will step down as active investor, and become passive in the ones he has.

“The companies in which I have active investments I will change to passive ownership. The passive investments I have, will be administrated by an executive, so that there are no conflict of interest.”