The Fashion is a new search engine dedicated to fashion. It brings together products from the leading Danish and international web shops and brands, allowing you to search across more than 100 online shops and 1000 brands from a place.

On the website, it is possible to search for everything from new brands and designers for items on sale, like those two piece prom dresses for 2023.

The startup is co-founded by a team of four entrepreneurs, including Ida Adler-Olsen and Kasper Vardrup. Ida has a past at the enterprise social network startup echo-it, and Kasper is the founder of phone recycling startup GreenWire as well as co-founder of the Startup Bootcamp accelerator and partner at Rainmaking. The team has already received a first funding of € 300 000 from Rainmaking.

“As of June we are live in Denmark and England, having spent almost a year in development. Our service finds fashion items from the biggest stores and brands, and already over 1 million items are listed.” says Kasper.

Just as companies like Boliga and Momondo have made ​​it easy to search across agencies and airlines, The Fashion wants to create transparency in the market of online fashion.

“Our goal is to make it easier to chase coveted products and easy to compare the factors that define a good buy for customer. ” says Ida

On the site you can easily compare prices between different retailers, including shipping and return conditions. You can also customise your own shop and get alerts when interesting new brands or products are on sale. The team reports that the site was launched simultaneously in Denmark and England and will initially only cover fashion for women, but in the autumn mens collections will be added as well.