The Danish startup Shopbox will soon expand their business to Sweden. The company has until now, mostly focused on the Danish market, with their main office based in Copenhagen. The decision to expand to Sweden has been made possible by a recent investment of  € 2 million (DKK 15 million) from the Swedish venture capital Zenith.

Shopbox is founded by the Danish entrepreneur and businessman Christian Zigler. The app functions as a point of sale system as is meant to help small business owners manage several aspects of their business.

While functioning as a digital cash register, the system also handles all e-shopping, booking and payment. By collecting all data in one app, the owner can easily make an overview of their business.

“My goal is to create a position on the market, where I can help shopkeepers manage their businesses with regards to payment. We cooperate with bigger Danish banks such as Nordea and The Danish Bank to accommodate the complex situations shopkeepers are facing,” says Christian Zigler to Trends Online

Zenith is a Swedish Venture Capital that focuses on financial as well as entertainment-technology. The VC is relatively new and was founded by the entrepreneur Tommy Jacobson in 2015. Apart from Shopbox, the VC has primarily focused on Swedish companies such as Zound Industries, Urb-it, Vionlabs and Newstag.

The investment also includes a new partnership between Shopbox and a partner. While the name of the partner hasn’t yet been made public, the two companies will cooperate to develop a new point-of-sale system that includes a ‘wallet’-function. The system will be made compatible with both IOS and Windows.