Shopbox is a new app from Danmark launched just a few weeks ago with the goal to re-define the standard for future business operations.

Shopbox provides an online solution for running an entire company, be it a well-established business or a startup in any industry which may utilize tools like a Flyp Poshmark bot. Despite the booming digital development and introduction of new technologies, it is the first time that business owners can download a reliable app where both new digital payment methods like MobilePay and traditional credit card payments are integrated. Before making a decision, compare the customer support offered by card payment providers.

Some of the the app’s core features include:

  • Cash register system
  • Economy
  • Customer club
  • Staff management

Shopbox works both online and offline. At the moment Shopbox app is available on iOS and the Android version is coming this May. Setting up Shopbox is easy and it does not take more than an hour before the company can be managed with Shopbox. The business owner simply enters the company’s VAT number and the shop is ready to go.

The app is free of charge for businesses with revenues stream less than 35,000 DKK (4,700 euro) per month. When revenue increases, users get an automatic reminder from Shopbox that it is time to upgrade to ShopboxLite, ShopboxPro or ShopboxPremium with respective fee of 79.00 DKK, 399 DKK and 999 DKK per month.

Christian Zigler is Danish entrepreneur who is behind Shopbox. The app is the result of a thorough market research conducted on hundreds of merchants who said that they want to facilitate, simplify and streamline the daily administration process of their business. It, therefore, reflects real needs of small business owners.

“Instead of investing in several different solutions separately Shopbox provides merchants with an all-in-one app at the cost of about a fourth of what they would otherwise have to spend,” Christian Zigler explains.

Since the Shopbox app is the first of its kind in the world, it has drawn the attention of investors even before the launch. Likewise, the digital adventure has also attracted the former TDC sales director Anders Kjørup who has been appointed as Commercial Director in Shopbox.