The team behind has taken over the Danish leg of the social initiative known as Silicon Drinkabout. It was started by 3Beards in London exactly three years ago this Friday. The objective was to increase comradeship between entrepreneurs in the startup scene. It was started at a time when entrepreneurs experienced they moved in somewhat separate circles, and it was difficult to meet other entrepreneurs to interact with – both to find new possible business contacts and share experience.

Silicon Drinkabout’s aim is to hold a comfortable, informal night at different bars to meet with other entrepreneurs in a relaxed environment after a hard day of work. Trendsonline plans to have it as an opening event for later startup events held on Fridays. They are striving to make the community even more open to newcomers. The opportunity for startups to apply as hosts to the Drinkabouts is also possible, which helps not only entrepreneurs, but also anyone to be a part of the startup community.

It has already been active in Copenhagen for about a year with three inspiring community builders and entrepreneurs behind it: Neil Murray; behind both The Nordic Web and VIP VoIP; Michael Reibel Boesen, who probably is the most active event organiser in the region, and Simon Stubbe from Billy Tracker and Project Canvas. will be organizing many exciting events: Friday bar nights, housewarmings and birthdays. Using the facebook group Silicon Drinkabout CPH, individuals are invited to the various events, all towards improving the startup scene in Copenhagen. In addition, extensions in cities such as New York, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Sofia are being looked forward to.

So join them – events (almost) every friday. Keep up to date through the Facebook group. Silicon Drinkabout is the perfect opportunity for anyone new to the field of entrepreneurship who wants to get to know others learn useful tips and tricks.