Two-year-old startup Veridu could very well hold the key to the future of secure payments. Right from the get-go the company has focused on bringing trust to online businesses, and the jury at PayExpo’s “Future of Payments” conference agree: Veridu was named 2014’s ‘Winning Innovator’.

Veridu offers a service that enables verifying online profiles. It’s a service used by companies to make everything from candidate vetting and building online trust, to enabling rapid onboarding with their enhanced single sign on solution.

Two startups from the region competing

The event, which was in collaboration with Startup Bootcamp was held in London and saw Veridu compete against a number of other startups. One of the others startups was Quixster that also is from this region. Their new biometric payment solution, that makes it possible to make payments in less than five seconds with just a hand, did however not manage to grab the first prize.