Last week, the Copenhagen based startup Hello World Mobile was picked as ICT winner in Europe’s biggest venture competition; European Venture Contest 2013. The competition jury consists of investors from all over Europe, and more than 800 early stage startups from more than 20 countries participates every year.

Hello World Mobile is a startup still mostly in stealth mode, who has developed a platform technology that virtually combines physical telecom networks across carriers and country borders, ultimately creating one single international tele network. The platform will be available to virtual telco operators who in future can become international from one single point of entry – an unthinkable product in todays telecom market.

“We are extremely proud to be able to get this kind of validation of the potential of our technology” says Michael Bak, CEO at Hello World Mobile

“It just shows, that even if our platform has not yet been launched, we have substantial market validation in the partners that we have been able to work with so far.”

Hello World Mobile resides in Founders House, Copenhagen, and is set to launch the first countries in 2014.

About the competition organiser
In 2013, 800+ applications were reviewed online by investors, 500+ startups pitched at qualifying events and 130 made it to the Final of the European Venture Contest and the European Venture Summit 2013.

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