Xstreme, a Danish company that offers software for streaming TV and movies, has signed a contract with Fuhu, major US producer of Nabi mini-computers for children, informs TrendsOnline. This means that from now on American children will be viewing cartoons and films using Xstreme products. It is a great opportunity for Xstreme to expand its market since Nabi sells over seven million items a year.

“This is a huge breakthrough for us, and in our industry Nabi is a desired customer. The tablet is a huge product and one of the most hyped in the U.S. right now. It is sold in several major supermarkets such as Wall Mart at affordable prices,” explains owner and CEO of Xstream, Frank Thorup to Business.dk

Xstream offers comprehensive and scalable OTT and TV for 14 years in streaming media industry. Last months the company was recognized at the Streaming Forum in London as “Best Cloud Video Service”. Xstream’s services are used by Danish Nordisk Film and Jyske Bank TV. Yet, Norway is company’s biggest market due to its cooperation with media group Schibsted and Telenor.