Copenhagen gaming startup Game Made Studios, with their first game, Major League Wizardry has announced that they, even before the launch of the game, have been selected for the top ten in the ‘Global Game Stars’ on the GMIC, the largest mobile conference in Silicon Valley in late October .

The luxury of being selected as a future star even before the final game is released is not something that everyone has the privilege of being, writes Trendsonline who reports in the announcement.

“We were very surprised to find that we were selected among the ten most promising games in the competition ” said David Reeckmann, co-founder and director of Game Made Studios

“We have very good results with the game, but we have invited only a very limited number of players so far so it is both a great surprise and honor to stand on stage in San Francisco later this month. Furthermore, we are one of only two European companies that are in the final.”

Major League Wizardry aims at a similar core game mechanic such as Wordfeud or the other regional gaming startup Planeto’s Quiz Battle game – where turn based mechanics are at work. In addition, Major League Wizardry another aspect that makes the game special – it will combine the digital game with a real card came, a way to bridge the digital and physical gaming space.

“Although we live in a digital age we believe that there is still a great opportunity to bring the physical and digital worlds together and create an even greater gaming experience. Just think for example of international best-sellers like Pokémon, Magic: the Gathering and Skylanders” says David to Trendsonline.

Major League Wizardry official launch is scheduled for early next year, so the price ceremony is several month before final real ease. Very exciting!