Copenhagen startup Octoshape has reached great success lately and announced earlier this month they had doubled the users in one year. They now have sales offices around the world and reached an impressive over 100 million users. The company is a streaming media innovator and provides its users with multiscreen TV-quality viewing experience for TV Everywhere and (OTT) Over-The-Top broadband content offerings.

“Achieving a sustained 100% growth year over year is a significant accomplishment” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape

The success has come from multiple services and a focus on the right things:

TV Quality: Octoshape has realized that consumers of HD Devices are turned off by the quality of web streaming. Hence, they invented Octoshape which provides users with the best quality possible over broadband or mobile networks.

TV Economics: Before Octoshape, video streaming was charged per Gigabyte; however, Octoshape offers the first “flatrate” on streaming. As a result of their new Multicast technology, businesses can actually estimate the expenses.

TV scale: Usually 20-50 million people are a TV size that can be online at once; nevertheless, CDN servers already struggle with 10 million viewers. Through Octoshape the audience size can be bigger because they deliver the disruptive offering to solve that problem.

Broadcasters such as CNN and CBS are already using Octoshape. Additionally, Octoshape has also live-streamed sports events, for example the NBA.

“It is the leader in high-quality, large scale, and cost effective Internet media delivery.” Octoshape

There is an increasing demand for Octoshape, it has become a de-facto choice for the delivery of OTT/broadband TV content. Øresund Startup News says Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!