This is a guest post by Michael Tiberg, who runs Foo Café and the event space at Goto10 Malmö at Mindpark in Slagthuset.

Welcome to Foo Café

Summer is almost over but don’t worry…Foo Cafe is back and we aim to brighten your day with some cool meet ups! Bring your shades…the future is bright.

Come and join us for educational and entertaining tech and events that will inspire.

Some of the upcoming events  …

17.15 Tuesday, October 10
Azure Skåne delivers another interesting event: Walkthrough of the Azure Arc Wonderland

17.45 Monday, October 16
Join Malmö Toastmasters and learn to become a better public presenter.
How to become a better speaker

17.30 Wednesday, October 18
Erik Meijer is back (thanks to factor10) with The Programmers  Apprentice Season 2: Advancements and Future Directions in AI-Assisted Coding

17.30 Thursday, October 19
Boozt will share their experience with a series of talks this fall, here is the fourth one:
Boozt, a prominent online retailer in the Nordics, chose to shift from a third-party payment gateway to its own payment processing service: A full payment gateway inside a database

17.30 Onsdagen den 25:e Oktober 
Skatteverket är tillbaka med ytterligare en lärorik presentation om En Systemarkitekts Vardag i en Komplex Miljö (presentationen är på Svenska) 

17.30 Tuesday, October 31
Data Alliance presents Two Talks About Data: The Quest for Evidence-Based Technical Debt Management and A Hobbyist’s Approach to Automated Highlight Detection in E-Sports

17.00 Friday, November 3
Monthly meet-up with 2600 takes place the first Friday every month. You are welcome to share your experience on security with friends (or soon to be) at 2600 Unplugged.

17.15 Tuesday, November 7
.NET 8 and C# 12 are just around the corner and in this talk we will look at some of the highlights that we as .NET developers on Azure can take advantage. Join Azure Skåne this evening.

Take the opportunity to see some good presentations on our youtube channel.

Remember to keep an eye on our brand new website for more events. They are constantly being published and things don’t always make it for the newsletters.

See you soon
The Foo Team