This is part of the bi-weekly column from Foo Café, the extra-ordinarily event space. Their ambition, to create the never ending conference, certainly seems not far away with events in these numbers the next weeks!

We are working hard to get interesting and inspiring events that develop your competence.

We’re now starting a new meet-up group for Managers – Agile Manager’s Corner – First meet-up is on November 19 around the topic “How does Agile change expectations on a manager?”

This week we have events for:
– Marketers (Stop-motion commercials) – Lunch time on Wednesday
– Web developers (Responsive Web) – Thursday evening
– Entrepreneurs (Startup Dojo) – Thursday evening
– Marketers (Social Media accounts) – Lunch time on Friday

Next week will be packed with interesting talks for Developers on all levels:
– Testers (The T-shaped tester) – Monday evening
– Web developers (Node.js) – Tuesday evening
– UX and Testers (Karen Johnson from USA) – Wednesday evening
– Java developers (Stephen Chin from USA) – Wednesday evening
– C++ developers (Hans Wennborg from Google) – Thursday evening
– Big Data (Honza Kral from ElasticSearch) – Friday evening

We have also a half-day event if you need to get a better handling of your conference rooms and visitors. Come to us on the afternoon of November 6.

Foo Café is a perfect place to extend your network and meet your peers.

Coming up later this autumn
– A new interest group starts on November 10 – focusing on Adobe Creative Suite – Their first event is about “Having a portfolio online
– Geek Girl meetup has their yearly full-day event on November 23 – All geek girls are welcome to celebrate their 5th  anniversary – This year’s theme is “My Passion”

See our website ( for information on the rest of the events!

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See you soon!

Carina, Håkan, Andreas and Michael