This is part of the column that the guys at Foo Café have here.

Merry Christmas

Thank you for a fantastic 2015. You are the key to our success.
As you probably already know, we record some of our events and publish them on our YouTube

If you are feeling bored during the holidays you could check out an interesting talk. Here are our top videos:

Functional Programming with Bodil Stokke (with more than 32.000 views)
Building Nanoservices with Adam Bien
Category Theory with Erik Meijer
An event driven and Reactive future with Jonathan Worthington
Patterns: The new defacto Scrum standard with James Coplien
Architecture without Architects with Erik Dörnenburg
Which way is forward with Douglas Crockford

And here some rising stars:
Game design with 4 layers approach with Thomas Grip
Lösningen på alla dina lösenords problem with Emma Lilliestam
Architecture with Oren Eini a.k.a. Ayende Rahien
Functional Programming for the Object Oriented with Øystein Kolsrud (winner of our Speaker Challenge award 2015)
Agile teams without product owners with Andie Nordgren

Happy New Year

We begin 2016 traditionally by supporting our Community leaders with the Community Builders’ meet-up on January 7. The theme is “How to build a community

Events will be added during the holidays, so keep an eye on our website.

A few events are already published …

Coder Dojo (where we teach kids programming) starts on January 18

Our Master Class with Shu Liang. The Tech-talker Course starts on January 21 – A series of 6 Thursdays where you will become a better presenter.

On January 27 will we have an interesting presentation about “How to create passionate teams that make your business fly high

On January 28 we hold the first Startup Dojo for 2016.

The first week in February we have a theme week “European Startup week” – stay tuned for more info in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Ebba