A crowd funding with ambitions has been kicked off. The researchers Alejandra Vasquez and Tobias Olofsson have found a unique way to heal wounds and fight infections even when antibiotics cannot cure them. Now they are launching a crowd funding campaign to be able to finance the next step – launching Living Antibiotics.

Strength of the honey

Their unique discovery has been that honey bees live in symbiosis with a large amount of bacteria, which have proven to be extremely healthy.

Honey has always been a very important food in human ancient history. And the researches discovered why – fresh and untreated honey contains a large flora of bacteria, whom in their combination are extremely powerful and healthy.

However, this has been unknown in modern times, mainly for how we have harvested honey now instead of how it was done in ancient times:

“The beneficial bacteria are only viable outside the bees during a few weeks. such as when honey is harvested from wild bee colonies by honey hunters. They are not present in any mature honey or honey derived products harvested through beekeeping, which have replaced honey hunting today in most parts of the world. The environment in honey is so harsh that all traces from the bacteria vanish after a short while.” says Alejandra

Fighting bacteria with bacteria

The latest discovery, that the bacteria can treat even infections in antibiotic resistant cases, has so far been tried on horses, where they in every case have had success. Now they want to take it further, to humans as well.

“The idea is to develop natural alternatives to antibiotics, easily available medical products based on the unique discovery that wild fresh honey contains the largest concentration of collaborating beneficial bacteria.” says Tobias

Crowd funding to reach out

The teams effort have not been without challenges. Being small and without large resources, they decided that crowd funding is their best option to both get awareness and help with financing. Having previously bad experience with a U.S. company making infringements into their patents and trying to lure over their employees, getting public awareness is also a way of protecting themselves, instead of fighting with expansive lawsuits that drain energy and resources.

The crowd funding is very ambitious, both in it’s aim to make the world better, as well as it’s goal – aiming at a over $ 650 000 goal. However, it is a flexible funding campagin, meaning that any money raised will go to the project, regardless if the goal is reached or not. Help make the world healthier, by supporting them here.