Internet Discovery Day in Malmö is the event that focuses on bringing together startups and potential investors. Initiated by Johan Jörgensen a few years ago in Stockholm the concept of Internet Discovery Days has grown and expanded to Malmo, giving an opportunity to Danish startups to participate in the event as well.

“We want it to be a meeting place for startups and investors/media/potential customers. For many it’s the first public event they show their startup on so it’s a great place to find the up and comers. I’m hoping to see lots of startups with a clear focus and early revenue streams” says Eric Stark, co-organizer of Internet Discovery Day

In terms of event participants Internet Discovery Day will host startups from different fields. For example, there’s a time booking app for small businesses, a security testing service, a photo service and an event organizing tool to name a few.

The conference is organized by Startup Studio Malmö, Foo Café and Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur (IIS) with some help from The Frank Family.

To participate in the event register here.

When: May 28th, 2014