Startup onomondo started out as Hello World Mobile, a startup aiming to change the mobile world. The three founders announced the name change yesterday, as well as a funding of € 1.2 million.

The funding is from Danish Sealand Capital and the Market Development Fund. The aim is to take the unique mobile routing technology from onomondo to market.

“We are first in the world to crack the code on how to eliminate technical roaming between mobile networks.”

– explains Michael Bak, CEO & Co-Founder of onomondo,

“We are extremely happy to have found the right investor to help us bring the technology global.”

“As private consumers we all know the consequences of roaming when we are vacation abroad. To prevent it from becoming an expensive experience, many people choose to turn their phone off completely. With onomondo’s technology roaming can be eliminated completely with great benefits for the consumer, and with great untapped potential for the operators.”

– says Søren Ammundsen, Investment Manager from Sealand Capital,

onomondo’s solution integrates seamless with current telecom network technology, and the company works with industry players to get the technology to market on a global scale. It makes it possible to offer B2B roaming and routing solutions for telecom operators anywhere in the world – effectively eliminating roaming.

When asked why their technology is sought for by the industry, Michael Bak says:

“We see huge interest from several continents for our solution that helps telecom operators of all sizes combine their networks, cut costs and offer new innovative products for their customers”

Sealand Capital is an investment fund based in Copenhagen. They have invested in a number of companies, amongst other Needit which has developed the popular electronic parking disc ‘ParkOne’. Sealand Capital has a specific focus on Internet of Things (IoT) and has also announced to launch a completely new IoT incubator in the spring of 2015.

“As investors we always look for startups with potential to truly disrupt an existing industry. onomondo, with their unique technology and their dynamic, competent team has exactly this potential.” says Søren Ammundsen

When it comes to the telecom space, Danish companies are used to being at the forefront of innovation. The Copenhagen based technology startup onomondo aims to continue this tradition.

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