Here’s a new solution to personal data security issue. It’s called OPI and the creators of this product are currently running a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo.

OPI, short of Open Product Information hub, is a small device that gives you the benefits of a cloud service and the integrity of your home. OPI is simple and easy to use. All is needed for it to work is to install it and connect it to the device of your choice. The important part is that data stored on OPI is encrypted and, therefore, secure and could be accessed from all the connected devices at any time or place. There is also a cloud-based backup service that comes in the packages for OPI users.

Two developers behind the project are PA Nilsson and Tor Krill. The idea of OPI came from the desire to be in control of their digital lives and be able to choose what to share and with whom.

Everything in the OPI device is ready for the production. The goal of the campaign is 7200 euro (or 10000$). All of which will be put to cover manufacturing costs. You can support the campaign here.