On the 3rd of October, MINC held an open session about failure in the startup scene. It was a somewhat ad-hoc event: it was nearly canceled until they decided it would be held anyway. In the end roughly 150 people turned up – and a great mixed crowd, not just regulars from MINC and nearby Media Evolution City.

On stage where four entrepreneurs, talking about different aspects of failure:

Some good quotes from the event:

“At the heart of it, it was our inability to jugde how good people where, that led to our failure.”
– Petter Pallander

“All who say that it can’t be done – to prove them wrong is what has kept us going”
– Anna Haupt

“I believe that all entreprenurs have a distortion field. And are naive. The less naive you are, the worse of an entrepreneur you become”
– Ajje Ljunberg

The event was definetly not a failure. It was a good event that brought alot of value to the scene. We are keen on seeing who will talk on the next event!

The video is the livecast from bambuser. The conference was held in Swedish. Highlights:

  • Welcome talk at 5:00
  • Petter Pallander at 19:50
  • Anna Haupt at 48:40
  • Fredrik Gertten at 1:12:00
  • Ajje Ljungberg at 1:35:00