We have covered some of the failures of startups in the region before, and with the recent article about Admazely’s failure we have decided to make a separate section devoted to these stories, which we have chosen to call Fallen Heroes (inspired by this thread in the community group). Unlike the success stories section, which is more of a list of startups that have made it big, the fail stories section will highlight articles and stories on a deeper and more personal level.

One problem with failures is that a lot of startups don’t really fail suddenly, but rather it is often a demise that takes month, of not years, to set in. Bankruptcy is also not always the case – often startups fail while the official incorporation lives on – for tax, prestige or juridical reasons. We will try to cover as many diverse failures as possible – both from established startups as well as early startups. There for most fail stories and post-mortems might be multiple month or even a year old – but that is the story of failures, unfortunately.

We have ourselves multiple stories we are working on, and will share in the section in the future. If you youreslf have a story of a failure – be it a product-market fit failure, a co-founder failure, and investment failure or any other failure let us know. We would love to help others avoid similar pitfalls and to learn from each other.