The Danish startup Mintebi has launched an online hub for professional knowledge-sharing. A platform where the world’s leading industry experts and business decision-makers come together.

This is an online platform, where clients seek expert knowledge, and experts have the provided digital tools to build a detailed report. Mintebi’s digital processes allow both clients and experts to avoid going through the inconvenience of conducting multiple telephone interviews. Both parties can be sure that the critical aspects of the business case are covered in the final report. The digital solution specializes in servicing the demand for front-line market insights that are easily actionable.

Expert from all industries

Mintebi welcomes experts that are industry professionals with years of seniority and experience from executive or specialist positions. Clients and experts connect via a common library for projects. Once the match is made, the software takes care of asking the expert the right questions and generates a tailor-made report to meet the client’s needs.

“Because we have digitalized all the flows, we are able to provide clients with tailor-made expert insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional expert network services.”- explains Andreas von Buchwald, founder and CEO.

Andreas used to be an investment manager with Axcel, the Danish private equity fund well-known for its successful investment in Pandora.

Experts are still paid more per project and net 80% of what clients are billed. On top of that, an expert can get paid multiple times for the same job, if the report is later added to the Mintebi’s library for reselling – a global “knowledge bank”.

It is free for experts to sign up and pitch for the projects. Clients are also welcomed with a free and non-binding membership and are only asked to pay for the insights which are consumed – this is a big difference compared to what clients are used to pay for primary research services, according to Andreas.

A novel approach

Mintebi received approximately € 400 000 in financing from a group of business angels earlier this year. The platform is rapidly gaining popularity among industry experts from both Denmark and abroad. An opportunity to participate in well-paid consulting projects while keeping control of the entire process – combined with an easy-to-use online dashboard – is attractive to many professionals with busy schedules.

“Mintebi makes consulting easy and is a great opportunity to profit from your expertise – professionally and financially”

– notes Chief Dentist Henrik Paul Nielsen, an expert at Mintebi and the Vice Chairman at the Danish Dentist Association, explains.

Currently the company employs a small team of six located at Sankt Annae Plads, in the heart of Copenhagen, with Andreas doing most of the sales himself.

“I believe the personal relation to our clients is critical in this part of our journey, and I will do everything I can to maintain the personal connection as we grow”