Most people don’t click on online ads, most publishers don’t make much money from the visitors they do get. It’s the dealers in between, managing the traffic, that are profiting from ad revenues, explains Arctic Startups in this article.

This is where the InfluAds idea come in. The Danish startup, launched in 2011 and with funding from Kima Ventures, has been building, now with over 700 publishers globally, using a free-ad platform and marketplace, to cut out the ‘middle man’.

“Usually there is a fee based model. You put an ad on the marketplace and they take a fee from you. Basically, we thought if we can first allow the publisher monetize his quality traffic as much as possible by offering a free ad marketplace. ” – Anibal Damiao, founder and CEO of InfluAds.

InfluAds makes money through optional pay-per-performance services, so there is incentive for them to perform. And with release an API to monetise Desktop-based apps and other mediums, detailed in their blog about InfluAds 2.0 InfluAds welcome publishers to join in the “future of advertising” in this novel approach to online ads.

We are also ourselves using InfluAds on this site now, to support them and give them more reach. We wish them the best of luck!