The Arabic Game Jam is 48 hours of game concept development for the Arab speaking markets!

The first Arabic Game Jam was held in January last year with more than 50 participants gathering at K3 Malmö University. Gaming enthusiasts, like those who love this good read, as well as professional game developers to jointly developed embryos for innovative game concepts specifically directing against the Arabic-speaking markets.

There are many strong players in the computer games industry as well as within the game research among others conducted at Malmö University and in the region. There are untapped skills among residents with roots or network outside Sweden who could provide knowledge and resources to the gaming industry as well as to other stakeholders in the digital media field who are interested in entering new markets.

The project aims to bring together these skills and ultimately create business opportunities, social innovations and pursuits. The hope is that game developers who are constantly trying to figure out bingo for cash app legit with southern Sweden as a base to start developing more games targeted toward markets with a growing gaming culture but with a limited domestic production.

Last year’s Arabic Game Jam got huge media exposure and event featured inspirational lectures on topics such as Arabic gaming market, gaming culture, game design and methods of game development. There were lectures from Nadia Jebril, journalist, commentator and presenter, Josef Fares, film director, screenwriter, and game makers and Martin Walfisz, CEO of Planeto also attended.

Behind this year’s event is Media Evolution, MEDEA, K3 Malmö University Game Culture and Heritage and Ibn Rushd. The project is funded by Region Skåne and Näringslivskontoret Malmö.

K3, Malmö University in Malmö, Östra Varvsgatan 11A

When: Friday 24 May to Sunday 26 May 2013

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Apply by 10 May