Minc Game, the Malmö game incubator, will help to develop the next raising star in gaming industry. Now five game companies are selected in the first round of the project which will last for one year.

With the successful game studios who root in Skåne like Ubisoft Massive, Mediocre, Illusion Labs and Tarsier, Malmö region is considered  to be one of northern Europe’s most important game development cluster.  Minc Game wants to further make Malmö a leading gaming city in Europe.

 “Until just a few years ago there were a lot of game companies here, but there was no game region. With help of the work we have done with the non-profit association Game City and now with Minc Game, it feels like we can actually talk about a region, “said Peter Lübeck, project manager at Minc Game.

So, this year Minc Game kicks off its first incubator project and selected five gaming companies to help. The progress seems pretty good so far according to Peter, most of the games are deposit and play since there is money involved.

“Although we are the most watched team and so is the companies that all have proved that there is interests in their games. Oddcomet has released a couple of games, Inglenook Games has raised over a million SEK in a successful Kickstarter campaign and FLWLESS has raised 4.5 million SEK (0.47 million euro) in a seed round. “

Here are the five companies according to the post from digital.di.se.  We will probably play one world popular video game from them in the near future worth waiting for.

Inglenook Games – Develops the game Witch Marsh, an action role-playing game set in the 1920s in Massachusetts. Players create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery. Moving to Malmö from Britain.

Odd Comet Games – Has developed the game Moomin Quest, a Moomin games in mobile platforms where the player helps the characters to figure out why the winter has not come to Moomin. Will shortly launch the game in Japan.

Pixel Had – Working on Project Catnip, an adventure about a cat, inspired by Scandinavian landscapes and tales.

FLWLESS – Developing an app based on the fantasy e-sports with game-driven challenges, where well-known e-sportsmen and teams can be matched against each other. Moving to Malmö from the US.

Frog Song Studios . Developed Spellsworn, an arena game based on the magic and quick reflexes, inspired by games like League of Legends.