Sunday, 2th of July is the first day of Almedalen 2017. It is Sweden’s largest political meeting place and is every year hosted in Visby at Gotland. Every day until Sunday 9th of July, hundreds of seminars and workshops will be held in the city of Visby.

We made a list of some of the most relevant seminars for entrepreneurs to attend. But, be aware that most of the seminars will be held in Swedish.

Sunday 2th of July

The opening of the Öresund house.
17.30-18.30, Hästgatan 1
Öresundshuset and Greater Copenhagen

Öresundsmingel is organized from Sunday to Thursday, between 17.30-18.30, and Friday between 12.00-13.00. Here is the opportunity to network with national and regional decision-makers in business, academia, and politics. Our Öresundsmingel is one of the few mingles in the Almedalen that is open to all, it’s just to come. It offers sandwiches and fries.

Monday 3rd of July

How will Sweden become the world’s best country for entrepreneurs?
08:00 – 21:00, Strandvägen, H513
Grant Thornton, Founders Alliance, Företagarna, SUP46, YEoS

Entrepreneurs create jobs and build welfare for Sweden. At the National Entrepreneurs Day, we focus on the challenges that the entrepreneurs have. Through panel discussions, we want to find solutions to enable more people to start and run successful companies that contribute to community benefit.

Greater Copenhagen – a good thing for Sweden?
09.00-09.30, Hästgatan 1
Greater Copenhagen & Skåne Committee

With Greater Copenhagen, Skåne, together with Copenhagen, wants to create a globally attractive metropolis that will have positive effects for other Sweden as well. But what challenges are there with cross-border cooperation like this and how is a strong relationship between Greater Copenhagen and Stockholm created?

How can we get more female entrepreneurs?
12:30 – 13:30, Strandgatan 1, Residensträdgården

When Young Business Partners have their finals, it is preferable that the girls stand on stage and receive a prize. But then something happens. Why is it usually men who then become entrepreneurs and what can we do about this?

How we will solve the talent shortage for startups
15.00-15.45, Strandvägen, H513
Grant Thornton, SUP46

There are many examples of successful Swedish tech startups. But at the same time, this type of company has a big growth barrier – the difficulty finding and recruiting talents. What creative solutions are available to attract and retain the best talent in Sweden?

Tuesday, 4th of July

Sweden and the startup scene – how do we create fast growing “unicorns”?
09:30 – 10:15, Slottsterrassen 14, trädgården
Breakit, Almi

Sweden has several successful startups that have grown into multi-billion companies, so-called “unicorns”. They inspire others and contribute jobs and tax revenues. But to get more, we need to create the right conditions in Sweden. So what’s needed – with state actors, politicians, entrepreneurs and others?

How do you go from startup to scaleup?
13.00-13.45, Slottsterrassen 14, trädgården
Breakit, Almi

Many startups are growing – but far from everyone, growth companies can be scaled up internationally. What is it that causes some startups to become so-called “scaleups”? Are there any success factors others can be inspired by? What phases do you need to go through?

How do we get more women in the startup world – and who gets venture capital today?
15.00-15.45, Slottsterrassen 14, trädgården
Breakit Almi

The fact that there are fewer women than men in the starting world is a well-known fact. Today, the majority of all venture capital in Sweden also goes to men, while fewer women absorb capital in their operations. What is the chicken and what is the egg – and what are we doing?

Wednesday, 5th of July

Is food tech the business of the future – and where is the money?
09.00-10.00, Slottsterrassen 14, trädgården
Breakit, Coop

More and more startups and investors are investing in the growing trend of food tech, that is, using technology to streamline and develop the food chain. From cultivation and product development to logistics and digital services. But who succeeds and where is the money?

YEoS Picknick
15.00-17.00, Botaniska Trädgården
Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden

How well is not a picnic in the Botanical Garden when panels, debates and mingles have sprained your days in a row? Come and hang in the true YEoS spirit and replenish the batteries so you can spend a few days in it! We relax for a while in the lawn, enjoying ☀️ (hopefully shining) and of course, we offer a little bit of good luck!

Thursday, 6th of July

Entrepreneurship and new companies provide jobs and growth – but how?, Clarion Hotel Wisby, Strandgatan 6, Erlanderska rummet

Entrepreneurship and the launch of new companies are a strong contributing factor to job creation and growth. To meet the need, Sweden’s new business should be twice as high. What is required of Sweden’s politicians, authorities, organizations, and industry to achieve it?

Almedalens Pitchmaraton – for young creators & changemakers
17.30-18.30, Hästgatan 1

Do you have an idea or innovation that in some way contributes to a better world?
Are you a young entrepreneur and idea creator under 30 who creates or wants to create change?
Apply now to take a seat and make your voice and idea heard during Sweden’s most influential week in Visby’s Almedalen 2017!


Photo: Marcus Johnson, LeanderFotograf