On Sep. 28, the Entrepreneurial Day starts this year with expectedly a considerable number of participants. The event is organized by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE).

Since 2015, the event has gathered more than 5,500 young entrepreneurs, who will be encouraged to introduce their ideas, share them with others and to create a network with other entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Day will be held between 10:00-17:00 at the CBS premises in Fredriksberg (Denmark). It is the largest student entrepreneurship event in the country, which mainly attracts students, who are supposed to come along with entrepreneurship ideas to be turned into business.

It is a unique day for young entrepreneurs, whereas CBS mainly invites students to introduce their ideas and offer them different kinds of support they need to embark startups. Not only students are invited. Professors, entrepreneurs and other interested people can join and effectively take part of the event.

The event will give all participants the possibility to meet ca. 25 young entrepreneurs, who launched successful startups. It will even be an opportunity to introduce, discuss and share entrepreneurship ideas. Furthermore, young participants will have the chance to meet employers, who may offer internship or job for entrepreneurs with interesting startups ideas.

The organizers will also act as incubators for those who are in need of support in order to enable them to successfully embark their startups.

Admission to the event is free of charge.

For more information, click the following link: www.cse.cbs.dk/entrepreneurial-day.