CanvasDropr, the real-time visual collaboration tool, will change name to, and become one of multiple services under the brand Assemblage.

“We bundle our products, and under the brand Assemblage. Assemblage is a pioneer in real-time web applications.” says Cathrine Andersen, Chief Marketing Officer, to

The rebranding of CanvasDropr to is not just cosmetics, it also marks the evolution of the service. The service is now more enterprise-focused, supports integration with other services such as Googles’s Drive and Dropbox as well as supporting 40+ filetypes. This, together with it’s video and voice capabilities, makes it truly a useful tool for real-time online collaboration.

“We felt we needed to rebrand Canvasdropr to mark that change,” Cathrine told ArticStartups and are still under development, the first one being a product enabling users to simul-cast slideshows across different computers and platforms, without any need for installations or downloads. The second service aims to completement products like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics, to provide webmasters with more insights into their users behavior.

Apart from the rebranding and the focus on different products in the real-time collaboration market, the team also revealed a collaboration with the US company Tibco.

“[Tibco] will help bring real-time visual collaboration out to their 1.5 million customers in the Tibbr platform, which is an Enterprise Social Network that you can compare a little with Podio or Yammer.” says Cathrine to

With such a strong partner and much in progress, the team behind Assemblage seems to have an exciting future ahead of them!