Vivino can be seen as the wine equivalent of the movie database IMDb; you take a picture of the label and see what others think about the wine. This collective shopping experience greatly enhances the ease of purchasing a bottle of your wine. As any other user content based App, the success is heavily dependent on the number of users.

Vivino writes on their blog that at the 27th of June, 2013, 15 million images of wine labels have been scanned, with an average of 15 scans of wine labels per person this equals 1 million users! The more content provided by users, the more valuable the service becomes. Realizing this when they started in 2012, the CEO Heini Zachariassen took a do it yourself approach, and started filling the database. Later, COO Theis Søndergaard held a competition to increase the number of scans. The content seems to have increased rapidly afterwards, now containing an impressive 1.3M wines.