Danish startup Miinto.dk, a collective of fashion stores, has received an e-commerce prize in categories “Best Marketing Campaign” and “Best Took for E-commerce” reports Trendsonline. The recognition in the both categories means a lot to the team members.

“It will never be ‘old news’ to receive an e-commerce prize,” – says the CEO Konrad Kierklo.

The prize in the “Best Marketing Campaign” category the startup has received for “ImiintoYOU” campagin that was launched in 2012 in collaboration with TV hostess Ibi. The recognition in the second category “Best Took for E-commerce” Miinto.dk has received for its innovative services and tools used by e-traffickers. The award has targeted one of the company’s core businesses – service to the physical boutiques. According to Konrad Keirklo such recognition inspires to build a platform for selling products online and keep up Miinto.dk’s innovative activities in general.