Recently at the Nordic Next, Conferize was one of the startups presenting themselves for the audience of investors. Some very interesting numbers where mentioned, and also that Conferize had raised half of their current round of € 1.4 Million, and the recently announced partnership with TEDx.

We catched up with Jon Schäffer, CCO and co-founder at Conferize, about how it is going.

“The official partnership with TEDx is a real privilege and a recognition of the value Conferize delivers in bringing events online. Professional events and conferences need to be connected to the web to extend the event experience and engage larger audiences in all the valuable content and networking happening around events.”

Events in the thousands and users in the millions

Conferize goal of bringing conference to the digital age, enabling to build a community around any conference as well as discovering interesting conferences and speakers, is ambitious. However, with their numbers, they are well on the way. Jon said that Conferize has currently over 3.9 million user accounts. 36 000 speakers are tracked in the service, and 13 000 events are registred. However, just the total of how many they have is not the most important numbers – it is the growth and the traction that is really interesting. Here Jon says that currently users and active organizers add 200 events every month to the service. Together with partners and aggregation over 1 000 events are added, each month.

Overall, great numbers and a traction that shows they are on the right track. Even more impressive that the growth is organic so far, which is a great achievement.

Investments and Nordic Next

Conferize was at Nordic Next to present their startup and business. Mentioned here was that half of the current round of € 1.4 million was raised already. Jon had only good words to say about the event:

“Nordic Next connects the best investors and the most promising startups in the Nordic region. Great networking and valuable insight on what’s happening in the Nordic region.”

Great to hear, and impressive numbers.

Update: Not just the numbers are going right – they also get recognition in the industry! Conferize were just listed as Top Event Innovators by BizBash. Congratulations!