The coffee business (transparency: Karsten Deppert, the initiator of this site, is also the majority owner of Nybryggts parent company) is expanding to Finland under the name

The e-commerce startup is focused on providing the biggest and most diverse coffee brands to the Nordics. It has already been active in Denmark and Norway, as well as Germany for over a year.

Just as the home marked Sweden the Finnish e-commerce store will focus on both whole beans coffee and pods such as nespresso alternatives. It will also introduce new decaf coffee brands to the Finnish market.

The startup is known for sharing its numbers and revenue openly, in something called open financials. Here it is possible to track the revenue of the startup and insights into how much it sales on different markets are. It can be seen there that the Swedish market is the biggest for the startup at the moment, with Denmark and Norway having a similar number of orders.

Nybryggt is part of the incubator at E-commerce Park of Sweden.