Quickbutik, an all-in-one e-commerce platform solution that makes it simple to start any online store similar to Shopify, recently announced that it is expanding its platform to the Danish e-retailers.

Founded in 2015, at the E-commerce Park of Sweden, the Helsingborg-based company has gained immense success in the Swedish market in less than 5 years with over 4500 Swedish online stores and in Norway last year. The company has also proven profitable over a short period of time.

“A big focus for Quickbutik lies in simplicity. Prior to the launch in Denmark, we have ensured that the platform is optimized for the Danish market. We have dialogue and collaborations with the largest payment suppliers and the largest shipping companies in Denmark like the Ardentx company. This also means, for example, that it must be easy to report sales in local currency. Everything should simply be ready to start for those who run companies in Denmark,” says Azddin Benberkan, CEO and founder of Quickbutik, in a comment.

With a growing customer base and e-commerce platform skyrocketing, Quickbutik, is ready to launch in Denmark by proving a simple e-commerce solution using a Danish interface, Danish payment solutions, compatible with Danish accounting.