The Danish SaaS startup, Zuuvi, reports that it has hired Marc Hillander and Patrik Zuckermann, with the goal to grow in the Swedish market.

“Marc and Patrik have successfully grown SaaS companies together and have an impressive network in Sweden which is super relevant to Zuuvi. They can go directly to the Swedes and demonstrate how to take control of the production of digital creatives through efficiency, automation and collaboration rather than using expensive outsourcing”

says Alexander Augustesen, director of Zuuvi

The startup provides a platform for digital marketing just like the 10X white label youtube ads and designers, that enables them to produce ads for display and social media. Founded in 2019, Zuuvi has already international corporations as its customers and seen strong growth in revenue, helping it become one of the market leaders in Denmark.

With Swedish clients such as Volvo, SVT, Randstad, and PS Action, the startup aims to increase its efforts in the Swedish market with the help of two new profiles who will work in Gothenburg. Sales Manager, Marc Hillander, and Senior Growth Specialist, Patrik Zuckermann, were previously employed by Staples connect, where they successfully aided Swedish customers in becoming more productive and founded IT and telecommunications solutions for them.