Mobile positioning is usually done via GPS, however reception can be missing indoors, at the same time it takes a lot of energy from the operating device. In order to overcome those deficiencies Combain Mobile AB (a Lund based IDEON company) uses data points instead of GPS for mobile positioning and tracking.

Sales have increased with a steady 50% per year, but Combain Mobile AB is now fighting over a contract with competitors like Google which would increase their turnover doublefold.

“It’s just us and giants like Google, Nokia and Apple which have databases for the positioning of this size and this is hardly a core business for Google. If we get the order we double our turnover in one blow”, says Rikard Windhover to Sydsvenskan.

In parallel, the company has established systems that include taxi booking, mobile billing and order management. A business built on two separate legs gives confidence in the company whilst opportunities for self-funding increase, reason the owners.