HelloFlow was founded in Copenhagen in June 2020 by Mikkel Skarnager (ex-Saxo Bank) and Ciprian Florescu (ex-Nets Group).

Using their professional expertise, they have created a tool that helps financial institutions onboard their clients digitally. Their solution, which may be similar with services like a CRO Expert Audit, can increase customer conversion by nearly 60% – all at a reasonable price, for more info you can always hire a company like CIC.

In October 2020, HelloFlow closed its first investment round led by a high-profile angel investor Susanne Brønnum – former CEO of Nets Denmark. 

The startup has now raised 1.4 million EUR in a Seed Round led by PreSeed Ventures and Seedcamp, along with some prominent angel investors. The funding received has exceeded the initial target.

The founders’ experience and vision is what has especially impressed Alexander Viterbo-Horten, Investment Director at PreSeed Ventures prior to investing in HelloFlow:

“I and our entire team at PreSeed Ventures have been impressed by Mikkel and Ciprian from the first meeting. There is not only a very strong founder market fit due to their relevant experience, especially with Mikkel’s insight from building a bespoke solution for Saxo Bank, but as a team, they move with an incredible speed and continue to prove a high level of execution skill”.

The majority of financial institutions continue using traditional onboarding techniques based on manual processes, which is often too complicated for both the customer and the service provider.

HelloFlow is making digital onboarding simple and accessible by providing a no-code solution with an intuitive interface. Everything – from scratch to launch – can be done by just a single person and implemented within a day, rather than months. As HelloFlow’s co-founder and CEO, Mikkel Skarnager comments:

“Using the platform, you can set up a proper, sleek, and compliant onboarding process and share it with the clients, all inside a single day. This makes it possible to launch your service in new markets across the world within 10 minutes”.

About the new investment Tom Wilson, Partner at Seedcamp, comments: 

“HelloFlow’s plug and play solution is a real game-changer for client onboarding, allowing companies to set up processes quickly without the need for custom code. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mikkel and Ciprian and support them in helping companies say goodbye to slow client onboarding.”

HelloFlow is constantly growing and growing its team on the mission to revolutionize the traditional onboarding process. The investment will fuel HelloFlow’s continued expansion and development of the platform.