We have updated our startup directory (again). Due to technical problems the previous database unfortunately did no longer work, and we lost the latest version (but had a backup version to rely on).

We have now moved over to simpler solution, but on that hopefully lasts better and does not require technical updates in the same way.

You can find our updated startup listing for Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg och the rest of the region here: oresundstartups.com/startups/

As always, the database is not complete. Do you miss any startups? You can add it here: oresundstartups.com/add-startup-listing/

You can filter the database, so that you can for example find any

Also, if you have any info or things that should be changed, let me know. And are you interested in getting a copy of the database (including some info that is not shown in the public version), let me know as well!