THINK, the startup incubator, last week announced they are official positioning as the first public lean startup incubator in Sweden.

“For some years now lean startup has been a steadily rising movement, and it has been accepted that it is not just a new buzzword, but rather a systematic approach to building scalable companies. A lot of incubators and accelerators have adopted parts of the lean startup philosophy, but we think for it have real effect you need to take it all the way. That is why we have chosen to become an incubator devoted to lean startup principles.” says Johannes Ivarsson, business developer at THINK.

The incubator process is split into two steps, preTHINK and THINKinkubator. In preTHINK the startups are on a validation process, to test their ideas by building prototypes, doing experiments and finding early adopters interested in using the product. If the startup gains traction during the six months or is at a later stage already, they are able to apply to the THINKinkubator-programme that lasts for two years.

“The incubator consists of two parts: one 6 month program and one 2 year program. Both use build – measure – learn loops and continuous improvements as core values. Which program a startup enters depends on the circumstances – often the 6 month is a starting point.” Johannes says

“Our aim is to help startups to benefit and learn from the Lean Startup principles, to help them help each-other and to get out of the way as much as possible. It is important that we don’t hinder or put unnecessary burdens on the startups.” he adds

New – but growing

Since launching in mid-2012, THINK has been growing steadily, attracting more companies than first expected. Already at start it garnered a lot of attention for managing to hire Joakim Jardenberg as a business developer.

“Our first objectives have been met and we have created a growing cluster of entrepreneurial activity in the region. Today we host a total of 18 companies active in both preTHINK and THINKinkubator.” Johannes says.

“We’re planning at having a total of twenty companies in the process, but growth is not the main focus now. Our aim is on attracting big ideas and ambitious entrepreneurs with even more competitive edge and of even higher quality.” he continues

Current startups in the incubator are from a diverse background. They include amongst other:

With the future focus on lean startup, new companies will also not be limited to any special sectors. Rather it is the ambitions to build growing and learning companies that is the main requirement.

Open minded about office spaces

The incubator is located on the northern part of the Øresund region, but not limited to a single location.

“We are physically located in different places – both at Mindpark, Linc as well as some of the startups having their own offices. We believe a shared knowledge base, meetups and the lean startup principles are more important then requiring everyone to be in the same office. Those startups that have special needs or have grown a lot need to be able to have offices matching their needs.” Johannes concludes

If you are intrested in knowing more, you can find further information on the website.