The Malmö based startup PinMeTo recently posted a preview of their aspirations for 2016. In the preview, the startups try to sum up both the present state of the company, while getting us excited for what waits in the future.

PinMeTo is an online service that helps chain businesses gain control over their brands presence on social media. The startup has recently seen a big growth in the team and the goal for the platform has been set higher. PinMeTo now aspires to become the number one location marketing platform for chain businesses.

“PinMeTo is focused on online marketing at a local level. We build audiences around physical locations and in that way, the relationship is far more intimate and engaging than hearing from some far off HQ. Our clients are seeing huge increases in activity at the local level as their customers build stronger relationships with single locations while simultaneously acting as brand ambassadors. But this is just the beginning. Our aim is to build tools to allow for even better engagement, better local marketing, and in the end, more customers walking through our client’s doors.” says Andre Tiwari, COO, PinMeTo


PinMeTo has recently opened a new office in Stockholm, which means that they now have two locations in Sweden. This expansion is due to the growth that the team has seen recently. The new office in Stockholm might only be the beginning of PinMeTo’s expansion and the startup states that there might be more office news in the future.

Aside from the new office, the preview also points towards new tech in the future. PinMeTo has recently gained access to Google’s API. The company is therefore now able to interact with Google My Business via their own platform. This poses new possibilities for the startup and PinMeTo states that this might lead to new tech from the startup.

With the growth in both office space and the team, PinMeTo’s outlook on 2016 is a positive one. The goals of the company have broadened and PinMeTo will continue to report on their progress.