Update: the article previously made the claim PackBud has recently raised 3 million SEK. This is however wrong, PackBud has raised in total 3 million SEK. We apologise for the misunderstanding!

Packbud, a Malmo-based startup, is a new digital service designed as bidding platform for transportation services. The idea is simple, users who need help with transporting different items, such as for example during a move, create an inquiry on the Packbud’s page. Once the request is public, transport companies make bids, offering their price for the service. The goal of the service is twofold: to make it easier for individuals to find transport service and help logistics companies to fill up cargo space in their trucks.

Just recently Packbud took in another € 100 000 (1 million SEK) in venture capital from it’s current owners, venture capital firm Aggregate Media and business angels, to ensure further growth, reports Breakit. In total the company has gotten € 300 000 in investments.
Last year Packbud had sales of SEK 2 million SEK (over 200 000 euro). This year the goal is to reach about 6 million SEK (over 600 000 euro) in sales.

Packbud was founded in 2013 with initial focus on providing transportation services for individuals by individuals. But realization that it is logistics companies that have the means and also interest to carry out transportation services quickly led to change of focus. Currently about 400 transport companies are connected to Packbud.

“Today we are the only company to provide transportation assistance to individuals and businesses in this way. We work with all kinds of distances both within and outside of Sweden. It can be anything from furniture and cardboard boxes for garden machinery or motorcycles,” – shares Mikael Funa, co-founder and CEO.

Thomas Fogdö, former alpine skier, is the one who came up with the idea. As a person who travels a lot, he noticed that it is wasteful to drive half-empty car. So he started thinking of ways to solve this problem together with Pär Wredendahl and Mikael Funa.