Copenhagen Suborbitals are gathering funds to continue work on their world’s only manned amateur space program to show that it is really possible to run a space program without major government budgets and administration. The team has a simple ambition: to launch one of them into space and have her/him safely back.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit suborbital space endeavor based entirely on sponsors, private donors and part time specialists that was initiated in 2008. So far, the team has launched several rockets and tested 2 space capsules and has booked the last two weekends of August (2015) and the first two weekends of September as their launch window for the Nexø I rocket. You can follow rocket launches on their youtube channel.

There are about 50 people who are working on the project in their spare time, and the goal for the fundraising is gather money necessary for further research and development as well as logistics around the rocket launch. The campaign hits its finish line tomorrow, so there is still one more day left to get your name associated with one of the world’s most exciting space projects by contribute to the fundraising campaign. More info is here.