Copenhagen startup

Headlight has recently received an investment of € 1 million to improve the global coaching market and improve health at work. According to the company, many people go to work but don’t have the tools nor the passion to do their best. In a report from Gallup only 16% of Danes go to work feeling that they have achieved desirable results, and 84% of Danes are overseen. Headlight believes that companies lack the tools to identify the strengths and the passion of the employees, which leads to huge untapped potential.  It is also a problem for many companies worldwide, where Gallup reports that up to €6B is lost in productivity globally.

This has attracted the Danish company to attack the lucrative but outdated market of coaching, where the company aims to improve health with their concept based program. The program connects employees and coaches with video call through their app, which makes it easy and flexible. The company believes that making professional development resources flexible and easily accessible, the same demand for it can be created as it has for weight loss and physical exercise. Based on the duration of their stay, where they’ve lived, and the nature of their profession, foreign nationals applying work permit application Canada may be needed to undergo a medical test.

The company was cofounded by Erik Algreen, who has also developed the program together with Oliver Bernhard and Simon Sylvest.  They will together scale the digital product to make it globally accessible, right now the product is available in Copenhagen, Berlin and Los Angeles.