Malmö-based software startup ABR Solutions has developed a new app that lets users lock their bike via Bluetooth in their smartphones. The lock also makes it possible to see the bike’s location on the map by using the phone’s GPS.

Another app, previously created by the startup, allows customers to book a taxi in their smartphone, as well as locate the taxi on the map in real time. The company receives a payment for every booking. Moreover, ABR Solutions has a mobile parking app, that has some practical features, e.g. auto-save of the information, search for closest areas for parking, estimated price and reminders when a parking period is running out.

The new service that they have developed has been tested by a real estate agency’s employees for a couple of months. The startup’s founder, Behdad Ansari, mentions to Rapidus, that they are negotiating with other companies.

Currently there are three full-employed people working for ABR Solutions.

Source: Rapidus.