Learning to Sleep is the first Swedish company to be verified by the international platform for digital health Health XL, reports 8till5. Health XL consists of various firms: from big company giants like IBM and Novartis to small players and new collaborations. Their main focus is to provide innovative ways to live a better and healthier life.

Learning to Sleep offers clinically proven sleep programs for people with sleep disorder through web and mobile devices. The service is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. It has been said that this mobile service has helped over 40,000 people to live a better life, and it creates a unique relationship between the patients and their physicist. The support from Health XL is a huge towards future growth and gives the company a chance to prove itself to future partners. You might want also to check out this contact form to opt with your disorders or anxiety you’re facing.

“If you look at the companies already in the Health XLplatform, 90% of them are located in London, Berlin and West coast of teh US and have raised approximately 84 million SEK (9 million euros) in their latest round of investment. Being a part of the platform is a good sign for us,” says Micael Gustafsson, founder and CEO of Learning to sleep.

Another important thing about joining Health XL is that main competitor of Learning to Sleep, Sleepio, is already a member of the platform as well.

The company also intends to enter various markets internationally, where there is a high amount of potential consumers. Peter Boye, another co-founder, and Micael Gustafsson are now aiming to enter the Danish, German and UK markets.

“As soon as we have a good business case in the Swedish consumer market, we want to spread internationally,” says Micael Gustafsson “United States and Germany are not just large market but also have a higher willingness to pay for services in mobile health.”

So far Learning to Sleep has establishing contact with a company in Denmark which is working with a follow-up program to be used in addition to their drugs for depression. The goal for the US market is to work with preventive treatment.

There are a few companies in Sweden that are in the Health XL platform but none of them have been verified by them. So this is a huge success for Learning to Sleep!