Engaging Care, an e-health company that aims to help people achieve a sustainable lifestyle change, is launching new business partnerships with Trialbee, Mindful Eating Centre, Ola Jansson and HiQ according to 8tillse.

The Malmö-based e-health company’s goal is to provide a platform for patients of chronic illnesses as well as their loved ones and doctors. By analysing the patient’s health history, an individual treatment program can be tailored for those who wish to improve their health. The company’s focus now is on helping obese people who have undergone surgery with Aspire method to transition to a healthy lifestyle. The finished product is expected to be launched in the beginning of next year.

The core of the service is an engagement platform that provides advice from healthcare professionals about various topics such as managing  nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. Engaging Care has already attempted teaming up with Alien Interactive to use its existing platform. Alien Interactive has great expertise in developing web-based platforms. The collaboration however, ended quickly as Engaging Care was in need of a platform that was personalised for its services specifically.

Engaging Care is now partnering with Trialbee, a company operating in Malmö as well. Trialbee is a software company that specialises in advancing clinical research by providing a platform for all stakeholders in the clinical trial process to communicate effectively. Their services include online patient recruitment, online feasability evaluation and study retention that prevents patient drop outs from trials.

„Trialbee are skilled at managing personal health data and large development projects. We create synergies and customer value by working across sectors.” – explains Annica Carnbring Belfrage, CEO and Co-founder of Engaging Care on 8tillse.

Engaging Care is also forming partnership with other organisations in the healthcare industry, including Ola Jansson, Lunda Company Mindful Eating Center and HiQ.

„I am pleased to be able to take advantage of the main competencies in various fields. We want to help our users to an engagement that leads to a permanent lifestyle change over time. Engagement must permeate the entire company and we do that best by working together and taking advantage of our best skills.” – says Annica Carnbring Belfrage.