Back in December Martin Thorborg sold his Copenhagen-based online accounting program Dinero to Visma, Nordic’s leading provider of online IT systems in financial management. And now it became known about the sale of another company – web portal Ageras was acquired by Bahraini investment company Investcorp for undisclosed amount.

In the interview to Computerworld.DK Martin Thorborg shared that at the moment he has no investment plans when it comes to the acquired capital. In the future one can probably expect new ventures by him, but not until a couple of years.

“It’s no secret that I am dangerously fond of cloud-based B2B services, so it will probably be something in that area. But I must honestly say that at the moment I have no clue what it is going to be. I am trying at the moment to avoid getting new ideas. Otherwise, I’m just frustrated that I can not throw myself into them right now.”

Martin Thorborg declined the possibility of becoming angel investor.

“I am not going to invest in other people’s businesses. It feel like I simply can not. It is not fun to invest in something and then sit at some board meetings. I’d rather invent and mold things from scratch and build my own team,” – shared he.

For the time being Martin Thorborg is still a director at Dinero and will continue with this role for a while.