Lars Dahlen, business angel together with Lund University’s holding company – LU Holding AB has just invested SEK 3.2 million (€ 0.3 million) into Fieldly, Sweden-based company.

“Fieldly has a great potential to change the future of the construction companies like those who use equipment that are listed for sale by owner. Personally, I find it very inspiring to be able to contribute to the shift of the construction sector’s digital paradigm and prepare Fieldly for a leading position in this sphere.” says Lars Dahlen who accounts for the largest part of the capital.

Fieldly was founded in 2013 by Daniel Krusestråhle. The company has introduced a new project management system aimed to facilitate communication between the construction companies’ offices and the employees out on the construction sites. It enables its users to report digitally without any need to use pens, papers, folders, and even emails. Thus, this digital tool is aimed to make the process of reporting smoother, faster, and more efficient. Despite its short history, Fieldy has already received a number of awards. Particularly, the company was named “Company of the year” during 2014 Student Business Challenge and won the Venture Cup 2014.

Fieldly has reached 10,000 registered users and according to Sven Paulin, the Chief Market Officer, 2016 was a good year:

“In terms of sales, we have experienced strong growth last year compared to 2015. In 2016, we have really proven our product on the Swedish market. We have also broadened our product. Now, we see incredible time and cost savings for our customers. Our system halves the time of the office administration. In addition, it also saves at least one hour per day for the craftsmen and the subcontractors on the field.”

As for now, the main goal of DX2 is to become a standard tool within the construction industry and prepare the ground for its future European expansion.

“Right now we are preparing our product for the European market. In addition, we are also optimizing our internal structures that will allow us to grow further. For us it is important to do the right thing at the right time and in the right order,” says Sven Paulin.