, Denmarks largest business marketplace and forum, started by Martin Thorborg, has teamed up with to build a new service: Dinero.

“Dinero Faktura is a service where small businesses free of charge can send invoices, both to individuals and businesses. Once you have sent an invoice, you can track if the recipient has received it, downloaded it and / or printed it. Our aim is to later this summer release a full accounting service, so by giving the invoicing part away, we hope users will upgrade to the paid version, which is probably going to cost 99 DKK / month.” says Martin Thorborg on was started 2010 by David Andersen og Anders Hørsted, who worked together as freelancers under the name Jello. They created the service because of their own frustration, with the ambition to create a user-friendly and convenient invoicing system for freelancers. The service generated a couple of thousand users, but the team was now looking for investors. Because the Martin and Amino had been thinking about the need for a similar solution, they teamed up and created Dinero. Their aim is to provide a single user-friendly ERP system made for freelancers, lecturers, artisans, consultants and all the other small businesses.

With Amino’s reach and market share in Denmark, together with the rise of demand for Enterprise 2.0 solutions, Dinero should be able to get a good grip on the Danish accounting and invoicing market. If they will expand beyond Denmarks border later is, however, still unknown.