Want to join a startup community, meet interesting and like-minded people? Here’s some selected events for upcoming week in the Greater Copenhagen Area.


Mobile Heights Toppenmorgon – Autonomous Networks. LUND

The event will focus on  looking at a future where smartphones and tablets are predicted to loose their prominence as the main interface to Sigma Connectivity’s connected devices. Instead the interface will be distributed amongst different devices, screens or artificial assistans. At this session Sigma Connectivity will have a speech about how future technologies will transform users’ experiences and affect interactions in society.

Join the event if you are interested in future devices and communication!

The entrance costs kr0-kr200.94.

You can find out more about the event HERE.

  • When: 5th April, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Where: Mobile Heights Center, Mobilvägen 10, 223 62 Lund, Sweden




Ministry of Testing Copenhagen – Protreptic Salon on Play and Passion

During the meeting attendats will find out how play represents a very human aspect of life and it seems to have power to connect people to passions and personal values even in difficult situations. One of the themes of the event will be question of how we stay true to ourselves, thrive, and face challenges of our professional roles in playful ways.

If you are interested in play and passion, join!

Entrance is free of charge.

You can find out about the event more HERE.

  • When: 3rd April, 4:00 PM – 6:30PM
  • Where: Prinsesse Charlottesgade 31, kld, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Product Hunt Meetup Copenhagen!

he idea is to bring together entrepreneurs, product people, developers, designers, founders, investors, anyone who has launched or is thinking of launching on PH and just people who are interested in startups and new tech for an evening of lively discussions, knowledge sharing and meeting new people. Main themes of the speeches will be “How to use Product Hunt for attracting new users, feedback, press and investors” or “When to launch on PH and how to know that the product is ready”.

If you are interested in product hunt don’t skip the event!

The entrance is free of charge but you have to register HERE.

You can find out more about the event HERE.

  • When: 5th April, 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
  • Where: Founders, Skelbækgade 2, 1717 Copenhagen, Denmark

#CPHStartup101 – Getting to know Copenhagen’s Startup Ecosystem

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you need to do is to know the local startup ecosystem. At Founder Institute you will learn about Silicon Valley Knowledge and Expertise together with the local startup ecosystem of Copenhagen which help educate and motivate you towards your goal of launching a successful startup.

Join if you are interested in startup events and new business connections!

The entrance is free of charge but you have to register HERE.

Find our more about the event HERE.

  • When: 7th April, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Where: Founders House, Njalsgade 19D, 2300 Copenhagen, Danmark

Want to know about other events in the region? Check out our calendar.