eAktiebok announced that they joined forces with FundedByMe, to simplify the administrative tasks all crowdfunding entrepreneurs and their investors deal with, shared on eAktiebok’s website. Crowdfunding has various benefits such as offering entrepreneurs capital, marketing and success chances. But these benefits also require entrepreneurs to fulfill various administrative requirements, which can be a problem to the already burdened business owners. As mentioned in their website, eAktiebok has created a solution that can reduce the company’s need for a special assistance as well as reduce the amount of time the company needs to spend on the administrative tasks.

“Our main aim is to simplify business in Sweden for entrepreneurs. The administration involved in running a company can be cumbersome, and ownership issues are an important part of the company’s management, with clear legal requirements,” says Mikael Renck, CEO and founder of eAktiebok. “We take a complicated and intricate process, making it simple and paving the way for entrepreneurs who may otherwise feel ambivalent about taking new owners on through crowdfunding.”

FundedByMe is the only full-service crowdfunding platforms, offering capital through equity, loan like the one here, and reward-based crowdfunding. Partnership with eAktiebok, allows FundedByMe to offer a news service and a communication tool for companies to engage with their investors at a cost-effective rate. In the past years, some 400 companies and projects from 25 different countries have been successfully funded as mentioned in eAktiebok’s website.

“FundedByMe aims to increase trust and transparency and the eAktiebok service is a natural extension of this, building our eco-system with even more good stuff for entrepreneurs,” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe.

Together these two companies have decided that entrepreneurs need a better chance to succeed because the world needs the enthusiasm and talents to bring forth new and interesting idea and because of them entrepreneurs will have more opportunities and less hurdles to create startups!